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        2017-08-17  來自: 臨沂恒通電器有限公司 瀏覽次數:381

        一、母線槽的安裝可直接從變壓器接到低壓配電柜,也可從低壓柜直接接到配電系統作為配電干線線路。 帶插口的母線槽,可通過插接頭箱或插接開關箱,能很方便地引出電源分路。母線槽具有體積小、結構緊湊、傳輸電流大、維護方便等優點。

          First, the installation of the bus slot can be directly received from the transformer to low-voltage distribution cabinet, or from the low-voltage cabinet directly connected to the distribution system as the main line of distribution. The bus duct with a socket can conveniently draw out the power supply through the socket head box or the plug-in switch box. The utility model has the advantages of small volume, compact structure, large transmission current, convenient maintenance, etc..


          1, clean air, relative humidity was the highest in +40 degrees is less than 50%, allowing a higher relative humidity in the low temperature of 90% DEG C; for example +20, but should be taken into account due to temperature changes, may occasionally produce moderate.


          2. The busbar ensures long term operation in the following environment:


          3, the ambient air temperature is between 5 and +40 degrees centigrade, and the average temperature in 24h is not higher than +35 degrees centigrade;


          2. Altitude is not more than 2000m;


          Two, the grounding of groove type cable bridge


          1. For vibration site, the spring shall be installed at the joint of the grounding part.


          2 the bridge system shall have reliable electrical connections and earthing (only for metal bridge).

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