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        2017-08-17  來自: 臨沂恒通電器有限公司 瀏覽次數:499


          The maintenance of the cable tray can be divided into: cleaning and maintenance, because the cable bridge has been installed for a long time, it must have accumulated a lot of dust on the groove surface.


          1, clean cable tray, we only need to use a clean cloth gently wipe the dirt tray can be dipped in water, do not use wet cloth to wipe and acidic chemicals, this will only lead to corrosion of the bridge is getting worse.


          2, the use of light, when the cable tray storage for a long time, its natural luster will darken not bright, the bridge is not clean things clean, and then smear light wax to dry up, not only to change the appearance, but also to enhance the antioxidant capacity of the bridge itself.


          3, maintenance, maintenance of cable tray when found part of the area of the corrosion situation, we only need to use anti corrosion coating painted up, dry, enhance the corrosion life of bridge, because there is a thick layer of anticorrosive coating, can make the bridge more stable quality.


          The cable bridge has high mechanical strength. It has the rigidity of the metal bridge, the toughness of the glass bridge, the good corrosion resistance, the strong anti-aging property, the beautiful appearance, convenient installation and long service life.


          Epoxy resin and epoxy resin composite cable tray is suitable for use in strong corrosive environment, large span and heavy load.

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